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Adult Congenital Heart Disease – Partnership in Care

Clinicians often have questions about referring patients to Cleveland Clinic for adult congenital heart disease. Dr. Margaret Fuchs answers the following questions: Are there guidelines and…

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Pectus Excavatum: Modified Ravitch Combined with Cardiac Surgery

Some patients who have pectus excavatum also have cardiovascular problems, including congenital heart defects, valve disease, connective tissue disorders, and aorta disease. Repair of both problems…

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MD Insights: Dr. Michael Valente

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Michael Valente as they discusses Dr. Valente's passion for colorectal surgery education, complex abdominal surgery, pseudomyxoma, carcinomatosis and…

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High Risk Coronary Intervention

Cardiologist, Steven Nissen, MD and Interventional Cardiologist, Jaikirshan Khatri, MD talk about high risk coronary intervention including complex patients at high risk for coronary artery bypass…

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MD Insights: Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd

Listen to Dr. Kareem Abu-Elmagd, Transplant Surgeon, as he talks about his path from Egypt to the United States and why it formed his passion to save lives. He also touches upon the complexities…

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MD Insights: Dr. Ajita Prabhu

Listen to Dr. Ajita Prabhu, General Surgeon, discuss how she evolved into the specialty field of complex hernia, her perspectives on quality and bringing that concept together with the Institute of…

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IBD Live - October 3rd

October 3rd, 2019 7:00am – 8:00am EST Case Presentations: 1. “64 yo Man with a Diverting Diagnosis” (Yale – Dr. Jeffrey Luk) 2. “Crohn’s disease and complex…

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April 18th - IBD Live

Thursday, April 18, 2019 7:00am – 8:00am EST Moderator: Frank Farraye, MD (Mayo Clinic Florida) Case discussions: A 39 year old man with Multiple Sclerosis and IBD (Mayo Clinic…

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What is the Risk of Adding Aortic Replacement to Cardiac Surgery?

Dr. Roselli discusses the results of a study presented at the 2016 AATS. His research team answered the question does adding aortic replacement to cardiac operations increase surgical risk?

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