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Instent Restenosis

Instent restenosis (ISR) occurs when scar tissue builds up inside an artery that has been stented to the point that blood flow is decreased. Drs. Krishnaswamy, Khatri and Ellis discuss how long…

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ISCHEMIA Trial – Will it change clinical practice?

Dr. Stephen Ellis, Interventional Cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic takes us through the results of the International Study of Comparative Health Effectiveness With Medical and Invasive Approaches…

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Bioabsorbable Stents – Where are we now?

Dr. Stephen Ellis summarizes the discussions surrounding bioabsorbable scaffolding or stents: why they were hypothesized, the results of the trials; and where we are now.

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Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) vs. Instantaneous Wave-Free Radio (iFR) in the Cath Lab

Dr. Stephen Ellis discusses the results of recent trials at ACC related to Instantaneous Wave-Free Ration (iFR) and how the results impact practice in the cath lab.

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Bioresorbable Stents: Making sense of recent trial data

Dr. Stephen Ellis discusses the results of recent bioresorbable stent trials including the ABSORB III trial and what the results mean for clinical practice.

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