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Intramural Surgery

Surgery Live Every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday 6:45am - 7:15am (EDT) Join us as Dr. Jeffrey Ponsky provides a talk with videos on "Intramural Surgery" . Dr. John Rodriguez moderates the…

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June 28th Live Event with Dr. Robert Simon, Dr. Tyler Stevens, MD, and Dr. Prabhleen Chahal

Management of Pancreatic Fluid Collections Presenters: Dr Tyler Stevens and Dr Robert Simon Moderator: Dr. Prabhleen Chahal Multidisciplinary case based discussion of management of pancreatic…

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May 10th Live Event with David Krpata, MD and Michael Rosen, MD Fri May 10 2019

Laparoscopic retroperitoneal triple neurectomy for chronic groin pain.Presenter: David Krpata, MD and Moderator: Michael Rosen, MD David Krpata, MD discusses chronic groin pain after…

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March 22nd Live Event with Prabhleen Chahal, MD and John Vargo, MD

Advanced Endoscopy in Altered Anatomy: Current advances and future direction Presenter: Prabhleen Chahal, MD and Moderator: John J Vargo, MD Prabhleen Chahal, MD will discuss how emerging…

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Dr. John Rodriguez discusses March 22nd live event

Dr. John Rodriguez discusses March 22nd live event with Dr. Prabhleen Chahal

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February 15th Live Event with Madhusudhan Sanaka, MD Fri Feb 15 2019

Endoscopic Intramural Surgery: Current Advances Madhusudhan Sanaka, MD, discusses how Intramural Surgery has emerged as a minimally invasive Endoscopic means to avoid major operative interventions.…

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December 14th Live Event with Colorectal Surgeon, Dr. I. Emre Gorgun Fri Dec 14 2018

Endolumenal Surgery & Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection in the Era of New Retraction Methods Emre Gorgun, MD, discusses how Novel Endolumenal Platforms are being developed to facilitate…

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Therapeutic Endoscopy

Innovations in Surgery Presented: 9/2014 Guest speaker, Dr. Bernard Dallemagne, MD, presents the new trends in therapeutic endoscopy. Dr. Dallemagne will discuss endoscopic submucosal dissection for…

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Controversies in Foregut Surgery

Innovations in Surgery Presented: 09/04/2015 Guest speaker, Silvana Perreta, MD, and Dr. Bernard Dallemagne, MD, present the major treatments and complications of foregut surgeries. Dr. Perreta and…

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