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MD Insights: Dr. John Rodriguez

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. John Rodriguez as they discuss advanced endoscopic management of surgical complications, gastroparesis, developing high-level evidence for new surgical procedures, and…

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MD Insights: Dr. Michael Valente

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Michael Valente as they discusses Dr. Valente's passion for colorectal surgery education, complex abdominal surgery, pseudomyxoma, carcinomatosis and…

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MD Insights: Dr. Tolga Erim

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Tolga Erim, Chair of Gastroenterology at Cleveland Clinic Weston, Florida, for this edition of MDInsights. They discuss advanced endoscopic management of polyps and…

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MD Insights: Dr. Tracy Hull

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Tracy Hull, Chief of IBD Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic and Past President of ASCRS, as she discusses IBD, reoperative colorectal surgery, patient focused care,…

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MD Insights: Dr. Cathleen Khandelwal

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Cathleen Khandelwal, Trauma Medical Director at the Cleveland Clinic, as they discuss trauma surgery, critical care and the way COVID-19 is changing practice. ▶Share…

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MD Insights: Dr. Sofya Asfaw

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Sofya Asfaw as they discuss trauma surgery, the environment and greening the OR, steps forward with diversity and social justice in medicine. ▶Share this video with…

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MD Insights: Patricia Hirkala

Join Patricia Hirkala, Director of Advanced Practice Providers for Digestive Disease and Surgery Institute, as she talks about what led her from a surgical technician to her current role, virtual…

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MD Insights: Dr. Cristiano Quintini

Join Dr. Cristiano Quintini, our Director of Liver Transplant Surgery as he discusses Ex-Vivo liver perfusion, structuring partnerships with other units, and liver immunosuppression.

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MD Insights: Dr. Sara El Ouali

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Sara El Ouali as they discuss IBD and helping patients, fibrosis and COVID-19. They also touch upon life with a newborn and the challenges family life presents to…

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MD Insights: Dr. David Kwon

Join Dr. David Kwon, Director of Laparoscopic Liver Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, as he discusses liver transplantation, laparoscopic living donor and laparoscopic liver cancer surgery.

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MD Insights: Dr. Mike Cline

Join Dr. Conor Delaney and Dr. Mike Cline from the Cleveland Clinic as they discuss gastroparesis, autoimmune and other causes, evaluation and treatment with medication, pacing, per-oral pyloromytomy…

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MD Insights: Dr. Mark Taylor

Join Dr. Mark Taylor, Chair of Surgical Operations, as he discusses COVID-19 changes to patient care, reopening care safely, testing, patient safety, PPE at the Cleveland Clinic and how medical care…

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MD Insights: Dr. Sarah Vogler

Join Dr. Sarah Vogler, Chief of Pelvic Floor Colorectal Surgery, as she discusses COVID-19, virtual visit practice changes for physicians & patient care and the patient experience at the…

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MD Insights: Rebecca Garazatua

Join Rebecca Garazatua, colorectal surgery Nurse Manager, as she discusses #COVID-19 patient care, leadership teams, nurses, team spirit and how we are keeping patients and caregivers safe at the…

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MD Insights: Dr. Steven Gordon

Join Dr. Steven Gordon, Chair of Infectious Disease at Cleveland Clinic as he discusses COVID-19 testing, vaccines, treatment, how we are keeping patients safe and how medical care, travel and…

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MD Insights: Dr. Darrell Cass

Listen to Dr. Darrell Cass as he talks about why he chose pediatric surgery, what fetal surgery encompasses, such as imaging, surgery, and other the specialties involved. He also touches upon the…

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