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Mediastinal Radiation Associated Aortic Stenosis – Aortic Valve Replacement SAVR and TAVR

Dr. Venu Menon, Director of the Cardiovascular Fellowship Program and Section Head, Clinical Cardiology talks with Eoin Donnellen MD, a third year cardiovascular fellow about the impact of…

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Rescue from Complications after Endovascular and Transcatheter Procedures

Eric Roselli, MD, Chief of Adult Cardiac Surgery leads the presentation and discussion of interventional and surgical rescue techniques for complications after the placement of various endovascular…

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Aortic Valve Replacement with a Pericardial Tissue Valve - Lars Svensson, MD, PhD

Dr. Lars Svensson demonstrates the step by step replacement of an aortic valve a pericardial tissue aortic valve (Inspiris Resilia) in a young patient. Over the past 6 years, we have done over…

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Minimal J Incision Aortic Valve Replacement with Trifecta Valve

Cleveland Clinic heart surgeon and Director of the Aorta Center Dr. Lars Svensson presentation of minimal J incision aortic valve replacement with a Trifecta Valve.

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LGS Reimplantation Surgery (Graphic)

Dr. Lars Svensson discusses the Reimplantation Procedure (also called valve sparing procedure, a heart surgery that involves repairing and replacing the aortic root while preserving the…

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